Disposable Endoscopic Spray Catheter

Disposable Endoscopic Spray Catheter
The solution for safe chromoendoscopy
The staining of mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract contributes to an improved defining of details. Suspicious areas or tissue changes can be determined more reliable. The spray pipes of help to applicate the staining solution precise.

The innovative spray tip ensures efficient application of the liquid - either as a all-over spray by fine nozzles or as a concentrated jet for precise staining.

Special features
High—guality manufacture and kink resistani Easy to use and guick to deploy Smooth insertion of the catheter Efficient application of the solution through fine nozzles Two innovative spray heads available

Ergonomic handle for optimum control.
The introduction of the spray pipe in the endoscope is easy and safe. Thanks to the kink-resislant material ihe calheter adapts at each turn of the endoscope. To use ihe staining solution ihe caiheler is eguipped with a Y-cannula,

Disposable Endoscopic Spray Catheter
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