Disposable Endoscopic Stone Extraction Basket

Disposable Stone Extraction Basket
Everything in a safe grip
It is used to grasp and remove foreign body from alimentary tract in human body in the combined use of endoscope.

Special features
Integral rotation handle With good İlexibility and net design, it can accurately and firmiy grasp the foreign body.
Disposable use, avoiding cross contamination ESD and EMR's indispensable partner. The clots, polyps, tissues can be thoroughly retrieved.
Efficient control by 3-ring handle.
The 3-ring handle combines several advantages. Thanks to its ergonomic design the handle is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate with one hand. At the same time it relays every movement and rotation exactly to the forceps, grasper or basket, what makes the intervention even safer.

Disposable Endoscopic Stone Extraction Basket
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