Disposable Grasping Tripod Forceps

Disposable Grasping Tripod Forceps
Everything in a safe grip
For the safe capture and removal of foreign bodies offers a range of reliable solutions: forceps, grasper and baskets.

Each instrument is made of high quality material and perfectly processed. For maximum grip the toothed forceps has two sharp hooks at the distal end. The graspers are equipped with smooth polished headboards to avoid injury to the patient or damage of the endoscope. The grasping baskets can also be used for the safe extraction of biliary stones. Their extraction basket consists of special steel that is particularly flexible and can be easily moved in and out.

Special features
Large opening angle or basket diameter to remove large foreign bodies Grasper and basket with quality PTFE covering Easy to insert even in complicated location
Ergonomic handle for one-hand operation Excellent cost-performance ratio
Efficient control by 3-ring handle.
The 3-ring handle combines several advantages. Thanks to its ergonomic design the handle is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate with one hand. At the same time it relays every movement and rotation exactly to the forceps, grasper or basket, what makes the intervention even safer.

Disposable Grasping Tripod Forceps
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