Disposable Injection Needle

These disposable injection needles make sure that you get the highest reliability at injections such as in endoscopic mucosal resection. The stainless steel needle with a XX precision sharpening provides an optimal and easy puncture. The transparent PTFE—tube also enhances the rigidity, which optimizes the control of the needle once more.
To prevent damage to the working channel, ihe needle is secured in ihe tube. Offers the injection needles in different lengths and with different diameters.
Glass Ill registration certificate Exclusive patented design
Special features
Needle with extremely sharp precision cut Handle with ergonomic design Safety lock for controlled needle handling Different needle lengihs and diameters
• Slif, transparent PTFE tube to prevent kinking

User-friendiy control handle with safety lock.
The slim and thus particularly ergonomiç handle offers maximum control of ihe needle. The safety—lock prevenis inadvertent motion of Ihe needle while the insertion of the instrument. Damage on ihe working channel will be safely avoided.

Disposable Injection Needle
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