Disposable Jumbo Biopsy Forceps

Disposable Jumbo Biopsy Forceps
Uncoated Wıthout Spıke
Application: Disposable Biopsy Forceps are used in combination with endoscope to sample tissues from digestive tract and respiratory tract. Types of biopsy forceps: According to register product standard, disposable biopsy forceps is differentiated by the diameter of closed jaw, effective working length, with or without spike, with or without coating and the shape of jaw.

It is for single use. Easy to operate.
The cups use medical grade stainless steel material. They have great hardness and the blade is sharp which minimizes trauma. We have special process to make the cups matched well, which will make our products have good cutting feature.
The extensive product range offers always the ideal model.

Special features
High-quality materials and manufacturing Simple and precise to use Sharp cutting edge for diagnostically conclusive biopsies Full closure of the cutting edges Special scissor design conserves the working channel Extensive product range

The design of the handle is rotatable , the net shap grasper design avoid the lost ol samples, deeper elastic nylon net , which will efficientiy filter out the natural tract fluid, it is good for grasp and control .

Disposable Jumbo Biopsy Forceps
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