Endocap Plus 7

Enhanced control and traceability for drying and storage of flexible endoscopes.
“Endoscope must be dried if they are not going to be used for a while, since bacterial
growth in a moist endoscope is many times greater than in a dry one. If an endoscope
is placed in a drying cabinet, then the potential for bacterial growth must be kept to a
minimum. That places strict demands on the features of the cabinet used.”

Security, Monitoring and Traceability
Maintaining disinfection level for 72hrs at minimum
Prevents recontamination and bacterial growth
Data management system with barcode scanner
Air curtain with HEPA filter for protection of air quality
Individual channel air distribution
with HEPA filter and UV-C treated air
Air circulation system with temperature controller
HST temperate glass window
4.3” color TFT LCD with touch screen display
Various configuration by user friendly software
Safety key lock for control touch panel
Validation process with printer

Description Endoscope storage cabinet
Scope capacity 7 scopes
Scope arrangement Vertical hanger with 2nd level holder
Scope arranging wave guide
Setting time Storage time : 72hrs minimum
Drying time : 1 min ~ Continuous
Air quality UV-C treated air with medical grade HEPA filter
Dimension 1370(W) X 550(1100)(D) X 2130(H) mm
Control system 4.3” color TFT LCD touch screen
Internal lighting High brightness LED lamp (AUTO / MANUAL)
Temperature Controlled up to 40°C
Channel connection 3 port with connection accessories per scope
Air drying External surface - Air flow volume : 100cfm
Internal surface - Individual channel air drying
Safety function Door safety key lock
Door interlock
Control panel key lock

Endocap Plus 7
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