Hand Dermoteskop DE-400


The hand dermatoscope is small but useful and will help you examine the skin deeply.
First-class optics guarantee perfection. Edge-to-edge magnification does not include spherical and chromatic aberration
To effectively evaluate the skin, excellent light and magnification required 1000mAh Lithium ion battery and USB-C rechargeable 3-level brightness control offers a lot of options to test under light in different situations, cross-polarized and non-polarized True 30mm diameter macro zero distortion lens Magnet attachment provides: ability to attach to smartphone and take photos in 5 seconds
To effectively evaluate the skin, dermoscopy can be switched to both polarized and non-polarized light pattern, available in different lesion diagnosis situations. The best part? Compatible with all phones.
Can be used with universal lens clip or easily attached phone case. Premium optics guarantee exceptional edge-to-edge magnification, free of spherical and chromatic aberration

Hand Dermoteskop DE-400
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