Liquid PA Endoscope And Medical Instrument Disinfection

It contains peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, anti-corrosive agents and deionised water.
LIQUID PA is suitable for use with endoscope washing machines and for manual use. After activated, it becomes ready to use. It is
used for equipment cleaned in advance. It disinfects and sterilizes in 5 minutes, and usable for 14 days without loss of action. It is
easily checked with test strips. It is a ready-to-use, colourless, odourless, nontoxic disinfectant containing no phenol, chlorine and
formaldehyde to disinfect medical equipment, flexible and rigid endoscopes.USAGE:
Liquid Pa solution becomes ready to use by mixing base and activator. Empty the activator bottle completely into the base drum
and agitate to make it homogenous. And submerge the precleared equipment into Liquid PA solution completely. Wait for action
for 5 minutes and then take out the equipment from the solution and rinse with distilled water and dry it. When using it with
automatic endoscope washing machine and disinfection machines, please comply with the user instructions given by the
Liquid PA solution is very suitable for disinfection of any type of surgical equipment, heat-sensitive anaesthetic accessories (ambu
mask, etc.) and all endoscopes such as Karl Storz, Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, flexible and rigid) and for disinfection of all kinds of
surgical equipment and laparoscopy equipment. It does not cause any harm on the endoscope covers such as rust, corrosion,
softening, colour change, etc. Liquid Pa solution is suitable for disinfection of medical equipment made of rubber, plastic, glass,
PVC, acrylic, polymer, polycarbonate, polystyrene, HDPE, porcelain and stainless steel.
Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Sporocidal, Virucidal, Tuberculocidal, Micobactericidal.

Liquid PA Endoscope And Medical Instrument Disinfection
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