Dermatoscope Device

Dermatoscope Device

Since 1989, Sometech Inc. has invested and developed medical vision system using advanced technology. It is leading market force and exports its products around the world. Sometech’s R&D team has worked closely with users to customize and develop improved functionality on its Medical camera system resulting in more accurate dignosis.
Dr. Camscope pro, which is fitted with customer’s demand like clear image and improved function, will increase patient’s trust. Also, this make clinic’s competitiveness higher. Please read this manual carefully and be well informed it before using Dr. Camscope Pro.

General Purpose
Video Laparoscopy System

Full HD(1080i 60 Frames)
Telemedicine system
Video colposcope (DCS-102 Pro)
Video rectoscope (DCS-103R Pro)
Endoscopic camera system (DCS-103E Pro)
Video otoscope (DCS-104T Pro)
Video dermascope (DCS-105 Pro)
Video irisscope (DCS-106 Pro)
Video scope for op_cian (DCS-108 Pro

DCS pro Specifications

Functions FULL-HD Live Image (16:9) Comparison image USB2.0 PC Slave Mode Image adjustment

  • Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, Gamma, Exposure
  • Image Conversion
  • Selectable color mode(User 1/2/3/Default)
  • Storaged Image File Play
  • Delete File
  • System Time setting
    Camera Resolution 1920x1080 (2,000,000 pixels)
    Video Out 1920x1080i60, HDMI
    PC Interface USB 2.0 / Slave Mode
    Directly connected to the PC application
    Internal Storage 32G
    External Storage interface USB 2.0 Memory stick /FAT32
    Still image Capture 1920x1080 jpg File
    User Key Interface 5 Directional Key
    Light Source 18W LED lamp, Color temperature (4800。K), Adjustable light intensity
    Cable Length 2.0M
    Foot switch for Freeze & Still Capture
    AC Input 90~264VAC Max 45Watt Universal AC Input / Full range
    Dimension Width(209mm) x Depth(101mm) x Height(250mm)
Dermatoscope Device
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