Full HD Laparoscope Endoscope Video System

Full HD Laparoscope Endoscope Video System

Since 1989, Sometech Inc. has developed innovative technology in the field of medical imaging systems through continuous investment and development, and is a venture company which exports its products worldwide as a leading company in industrial and medical imaging equipment and is popular among customers in Korea and abroad.

In addition, its technical know-how in image diagnosis systems is leading the market by satisfying doctors’demanding needs, and we are confident that the VES-100 Video Endoscope System will meet your needs. Before using this System, please read this Manual in detail, learn properly how to install and operate this device and use it correctly. Thank you for choosing our VES-100.

• All in one system ( CCU + Light source + Recorder )
• Saving cost and efficient use based on " All in one system "
• Power LED light source brighter than Xenon 300W light source
• Saving and recording images into SD card or HDD
• Touch LCD and Intuitive GUI for users
• Efficient image saving to USB or SD card.


• Crystal clear FULL HD(1080P) resolution
• Durable and convenient button on camera head
• Easy zooming and fine focusing by button on camera head
• Compact , convenient and light-weight camera head
• Water proof camera head

• High quality scopes for major applications
• Rigid and safe to patients
• Various diameter and length for each application
Performance division Performance
Power Consumption Max 125VA
Size (WxDxV) 310mm x 300mm x 150mm (±10%)
Main Unit & Camera Rated votage 220Vac. 60Hz
Video output 1920 x 1080P 30 Frame / 1920 x 1080i Frame
Valid pixels 92,073,600 pixel
GUI interface Resistive touch method
Light intensity 8.0 x 104 Lux
Cooling method Fan cooling
Light intensity Adjustment method 0~10(Level adjustment method)
Color temperature 6,800K (±10%)
Focus adjustment (without scope) 130mm~2,000(mm)
Capture image Full HD(1920 x 1080).jpg
Video recording MP4(H.264).avi

Full HD Laparoscope Endoscope Video System
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