Cleaner M-30P Reactive Cleaning Chemicals


Hematology Reagents for 3-Part Difference Analyzers

Hematology Analyzer Reagents 3-Part Hematology Rinse for Diff Analyzers, Cleaner Reagent

Purpose of usage
To be used for blood cell counting, sizing and WBC differentiation, hemoglobin determination on Procan 3-piece diff hematology analyzers. This product is for In Vitro Diagnostic Use only.

Blood counting devices are the most indispensable devices in medical laboratories. The diagnostic importance of the results obtained from blood count reagents for use in blood count devices has made this device an indispensable device in medical laboratories. A hospital or outpatient laboratory is unthinkable without these devices.

Although the basic principles of blood counting devices are the same for all devices, there may be some differences depending on the capacity and features of the device. Here, the block diagram and working principle of an 18-parameter blood count reagent device will be examined. Devices with reagents over 18 parameters have some additional units for additional sub-parameters.

Reagents Blood counting reagents, rinse and cleaner are needed to perform the counting process in blood counting devices. These reagents must be connected to the device as long as the device is used. Depending on the type of blood count device and the number of parameters, different numbers of rinse and cleaner reagents can be used. In whole blood, cells are very close to each other. In this state, it is difficult to identify them, distinguish them from each other and count them with the help of any transducer (sensor). For this reason, dilution is performed in blood counting devices to separate and disperse the cells before counting. In this way, cells that are moving away from each other pass through the counting range (slot) one by one. It is obtained as a result of dilution with this rinse and cleaner reagents in the stable electrolytic conductive environment required for counting. Blood count reagents rinse, dilute blood cells so that they can be easily distinguished and counted before counting, provide a conductive environment that is a requirement of the counting method, destroy some cells by breaking them down so that they can be counted easily, and stain some cells so that they can be easily distinguished and identified. internal cleaning of the device, etc. enables transactions to be carried out. Blood count reagents, rinse and cleaner are essential for the operation of blood count devices. It is constantly connected to the device and used during the counting process. Rinse, cleaner Blood count reagents Each blood count device has its own Rinse reagents. Blood counting devices are specially produced according to the device they will be used with. It is provided by the device manufacturer or by other reagent manufacturer companies that produce reagent rinse and cleaner suitable for the brand and model of the blood count device.
FAMED CLEANER M-30P Reactive Cleaning Chemicals (Rinse, Cleaner) It is a type of detergent used for automatic cleaning of the device's internal hoses (tubing), bathrooms and other necessary parts. It also functions as a means to keep the hydraulic system of the device wet. The device automatically cleans itself after each sample count and becomes ready for the next count. 8 Enzymatic cleaners are enzyme-based, isotonic cleaning solutions. It is used for cleaning and wetting of tubing and mixing baths. It is prepared in a way that does not damage the properties of the plastic parts that the device comes into contact with.

FAMED Cleaner M-30-P removes precipitates from residues accumulated on the surfaces of components or protein precipitates from fractionated blood samples or chemical complexes formed between blood components and reagents used for blood analysis. In this way, it ensures that the tool components remain clean and prevents unwanted formations on the surfaces of these components. Cleaning may be done once or more per day, depending on device usage or workload.

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Cleaner M-30P Reactive Cleaning Chemicals
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