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Smart stethoscope for measuring and sharing probable/diagnostic audio data

Skeeper Pro is a telehealth application that allows heart and lung (respiratory) data to be listened to, monitored, analyzed and transmitted to remote areas.
• a mobile application for general patients (home, remote locations and others) that works with a smart cytoscope, measuring heart and lung (respiratory) sounds at home, either by yourself or with the help of a family member.
• smart stethoscope Provides simple auscultation guidance.
• Measurement results such as storage, analysis and monitoring can be self-managed or sent to a medical professional to obtain medical advice.
• smart cytoscope can be used in live treatment centers, home treatment, remote treatment and self-management.
• the smart stethoscope is an optimized solution for tele-auscultation.

Meet with SMART stethoscope SKEEPER, the Intelligent Health Protector of your heart.
SMART stethoscope provides medical electronic stethoscope level precision function and professional heart management through optimized Smart Algorithm! SKEEPER reads and analyzes changes in heart sound thoroughly and carefully listens to the signals sent by the body.
How does the smart stethoscope device listen to the heart?
The source of human health is always the heart. The heart pumps 100,000 times a day, or about 2.6 billion times in a lifetime without rest. The heart is the only engine that keeps all the nutrients and energy in the body alive.

The current model uses our own "audio technology" to detect, monitor and share the following.

  1. Heart
    • BPM : Number of heartbeats (Heart Rate)
    • Heartbeat Pattern : Detect the S1&S2 sounds of the heart and calculate the whole range.
    • Sharing heart sounds (auscultation sound file with measurement information)
    • Detection of abnormal heart sounds: We can mainly listen to heart murmur sounds with our device.
      • arrhythmia
      • aortic valve stenosis
      • aortic regurgitation
      • mitral valve stenosis
      • mitral valve reflux
      • Tricuspid Insufficiency
      • Pulmonary valve stenosis
      • Pulmonary valve insufficiency
  2. Lung
    • Sharing of lung sounds (auscultation sound file with measurement information)
      • Asthma
      • COPD
      • (IDL
      • Pneumothorax
      • Pleural Effusion

Therefore, the current model is mainly for telemedicine or remote auscultation.

  • High Accuracy to measure both heart/lung sounds
  • History Management
  • Easy sharing of raw data of osculation data.
For Baby and Adults
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