3 IN 1 Gastroscopy GU

Three-in-one veterinary endoscopy gastroscopy system.
Companion_de upper and lower gastro_ntest_nal s_stem study animals (gastroscope and colonoscope)
and equine airway examinations (upper airway coverage) Ideal for many large animal applications, including gastroscope, colonoscope, esophageal replica, tracheoscope, hysteroscope, pharyngoscope and laryngoscope
Led Light Source L-10
High brightness LED, y color restoration and long operating life. Touch screen control, user-friendly activated_ interface.
Brightness with 9 Level adjustment, suitable for . All-in-one light source + water/air pump
It is a veterinary endoscopy gastroscopy system with a FULL HD system suitable for cats, dogs and horses.
New generation veterinary endoscopy gastroscopy system. The new generation all-in-one portable gastroscopy system is very advantageous for veterinarians. Full HD (1080p) image processor has high quality image and reinforced processor. Famous Full HD high-resolution CMOS that offers unparalleled image quality and an optimized field of view
Experience the latest technology of the sensor. With this advanced technology, veterinarians can now perform endoscopic
They can see with extraordinary clarity during surgeries and diagnose with extraordinary precision.

It makes gastroscope procedure very easy for our veterinarians with its incredibly facilitating system for both indoors and outdoors.
HD-1315P Pro is the perfect companion for famous endoscopes from AB Series, GU Series and RS Series.
This state-of-the-art device is designed to be compatible with a wide range of veterinary surgical and diagnostic applications.
designed and provides versatility and precision in every procedure

Auxiliary functions: Easily take photos, record videos and save important information by freezing images.
view details.
Medical report: Contains features, patient information, user settings and system configuration
Easily access management system.
Customizable buttons - Endoscope for functions like take photo, take video, white
Customize buttons balance, freeze and adjust brightness.

Meet the various needs of animals of different sizes to make air inflation and adjust the appropriate brightness in the space

3 IN 1 Gastroscopy GU
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