FMD-6100D Anesthesia System

Friendly Powerfu- Reliable

The Anesthesia machine makes a good performance in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Operation room, Anesthesiology Department and other departments. From high to low acuity, simple to complex cases, pediatric to geriatric patients, Superstar Medica- Anesthesia Systems offer you the choices you need in ventilation, monitoring and technique. what’s more, our expertise in anesthesia delivery and ventilation is based on rich 23-year history of developing anesthesia solutions that meet your needs. Good performance based on High Security, High Accuracy, High Stability and accurate monitoring.

Trust Points

  • Simplicity: easy to use, easy to move with 4 wheels.
  • Choice: adapt the equipment to your patients and procedures freely
  • Patient Centered Ventilation: Precision in an anesthesia ventilator, from conventiona- ventilation to advanced modes, including 3 modes: IPPV; A/C; SIMV.
  • Designed and manufactured by Superstar Medica- with over 23 years experience in this area.
  • Flexible configurations to suit your needs.
  • Internationa- standard and advanced technology suitable for wide range use.
  • Compact interface and touch screen give you better operating experience.
  • Over 2,000 units installed in the world.


  • 7” TFT LCD screen displays the Ventilation parameters, Alarming information and Waveform.
  • High precision flow meter, instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient.
  • Integration breathing circuit design, ensure easy operating and keep tidy.
  • Multiple working modes such as volume contro- and pressure limit, adapt to wide range patient.
  • Vaporizer with temperature, flow compensation and self-lock function (S6100D can only equipped with one vaporizer), keep safety anytime.
  • Multiple parameters monitoring interface, make every parameter clear, let users know the patient conditions in al- aspects;
  • Rea- time pressure-time, flow-time loop graphics and high precision O2 concentration detection function included.
  • Vita- sign monitor and Anesthetic gas monitor are optional.


  • Three leve- alarming system, visua- and sound alarm information.
  • With lots of alarming, reminding and protection functions.
  • Advanced power management contro- technology.
  • Low O2 pressure alarm and N2O cut-off protection.
FMD-6100D Anesthesia System
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